Chapter 0: Set Up


What You'll Need

Your new Arduino explained. This chapter looks at the main parts on the board, the software that you need to program it and walks-through some sample code to get you started. Learn More!

Chapter 1: Blinking


Writing Your First Sketch

Once your computer is set up you're ready to start writing your fisrt Arduino sketches. What do they look like and what does all this code mean?

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Chapter 2: Sounds Like...

Image of a Speaker

Introducing Loops

Attach a speaker to your Arduino and start creating simple melodies. Add some sensors to your projects and you've got the makings of a Theremin.

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Chapter 3: Transistors

Image of a Transistors

Introducing Switching

Arguably the most important electronic component, the humble transistor makes our digital lives possible. Discover how they work, and how they can be used in your Arduino projects.

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Chapter 4: Motors

Image of a Motor

Introducing EMF

Learn about how to add inductive loads, such as DC motors, servo motors, or stepper motors to your projects and how to use functions from Arduino libraries.

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Chapter 5: Integrated Circuits

Image of an IC

Introducing The H-Bridge

Integrated circuits have revolutionised computing. While the ATMega contians thousands of minaturised components we'll start by looking something simpler - the H Bridge motor controller.

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NEW MATERIAL: Arduino Simulations

Simulating with

It turns out that now you don't even need to buy an Arduino to learn how to use an Arduino (though it does kind of defeat the purpose of "physical" computing)

Let's Go!