### classroom.google.com ![ Classroom Homepage](image001.png ) Point your favourite browser in the direction of <a href="http://classroom.google.com" target="_blank">Google Classroom</a> and log in with your __Google Apps for Education__ account. _please note that standard Gmail accounts are not supported at this time._ If you are logging in to your account for the first time then you will probably be prompted to change your password. Make sure you choose a <a href="http://xkcd.com/936/">secure password!</a> ![Apps login page](image002.png ) ### Join a Class ![ Join a class](image004.png ) Once you are logged in, in the top right of the screen there is a plus icon that allows you to join classes. Click this and enter the alpha-numeric class code you were give. The class code for EM113 Introduction to Electronics is iyc27l ![ Type the class code](image005.png ) ### Welcome to Your New Class! That's it! You should now see the __class stream__.The stream contains all updates, announcements and assigments - this should be your main point of contact for the course. Under the __Students__ tab you'll find out who else is enrolled in your class. The __About__ tab contains information on how to contact your instructor. ### Turning off Notifications By default, Google Classroom is set up to notify you every time that a new post is added to the class stream. Is this turns out to be a lot of posts you might prefer to turn these notifications off. To do this click on the menu icon <kbd>&#9776;</kbd> in the top left of the screen then click on the `Settings` menu item at the bottom of the menu. ![Open the side menu](image007.png "Optional title") On the Settings page simply uncheck the box that says "Send email notifications" ![Uncheck to turn off notifications.](image008.png "Uncheck to turn off notifications.") ### Submitting Assigments When an assigment appears in your stream, simply click on it to view the instructions and submit your work. ![ Read the Instructions First](image009.png ) ![In the 'YOUR WORK' section you can submit your assigment ](image010.png ) ![You can upload work from your computer, from the internet, for from Google Drive ](image014.png ) ![You can also create a new Google Doc for your work](image015.png ) ![Click 'MARK AS DONE' when your ready to turn your work in](image011.png ) ![Click 'HAND IN' to upload all your work](image011.png ) ![You can include a private note with your submission if you like.](image018.png ) You can also view your pending and completed assignments by clicking on the __Assignments__ menu item in the side menu. ![Pending Assignments are listed under 'TO DO'](image019.png ) ![Completed Assignments are listed under 'DONE'](image020.png )